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Aakko (2016) tamil full movie online

Direction : M.Shyam kumar

Producer : Deepan Boopathy, Ratesh Velu

Writer : M. Shyam Kumar

Cast / Starring :  

Geethan Britto

Tulika Gupta


vasanth Badavagopi

Anirudh Ravichander in a guest appearance

Music Director : Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography : Shiva GRN

Editor : Bavan Sreekumar

Production company : Rebel Studio

Distributed by :

Expected Release date : 14 September 2016

Country : India

Language : Tamil

Genre : Comedy

Duration : 2 hrs 28 mins

Trailer :

About Aakko movie : Aakko is a Tamil comedy film directed by Shyam Kumar and produced by Deepan Boopathy and Ratesh Velu. The film features newcomers Geethan Britto and Tulika Gupta in the leading roles with Arjunan and Swaminathan in pivotal roles, while Anirudh Ravichander composes the film's music and plays a guest appearance.

Shyam Kumar had approached music composer Anirudh Ravichander hoping to cast him in the lead role for the film. After listening to the script and liking the concept, Anirudh made the offer on making his acting debut as a guest and agreed to compose the film's music. The director then cast newcomers Geethan Britto, Arjun and Swaminathan to play significant roles in the film, noting that the title "Aakko" is slang for the term "Aarva Kolaaru", which translates into "enthusiastic youngster". In a recent interview, Anirudh revealed that he accepted to compose the music to test his star status in the market. In a film composed of completely new comers, Anirudh being the only known star, he considers this as an acid test for himself.