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Naadi Thudikuthadi (2016) tamil full movie online

Direction : Selva

Producer : Pala. Karuppiah

Writer :

Cast / Starring :  




Music Director : Ilayaraja

Cinematography :

Editor :

Production company :

Distributed by :

Expected Release date : 19 September 2016

Country : India

Language : Tamil

Genre : Drama - Romance

Duration :

Trailer :

About Naadi Thudikuthadi movie : Two most popular and recent trends in Tamil cinema include remake of old movies and doing sequels of commercial films that make it big in the box office. Director Selva probably holds credit for both these trends in Kollywood. In 2007, he remade K Balachander’s directorial Naan Avan Illai (1974) with the same title, where actor Jeevan took up Gemini Ganesan’s role.

When the film turned out to be a super hit, he directed its sequel  Naan Avan Illai in 2009, which tasted moderate success. In his career spanning over two decades, there is something impressive about most of his films, which count to 25 now — right from introducing actors like Ajith (Amaravathi) and making full-length comedy films such as Pudhayal and James Pandu.

His attempts at something new continues in his 26th film, Naadi Thudikuthadi too, which is nearing completion. Legendary composer Ilayaraja, who hasn’t acted in any film till date, will appear in one of the songs of the film. “I thought it would be nice if a big celebrity appears in the song that begins as ‘Kadhalae Illadha Desam’. So, I decided to approach Ilayaraja, though I was slightly reluctant, thinking how he would react. When I explained to him that he will have to appear only as a musician, he felt comfortable and agreed,” says Selva.

The song has been shot in Fiji Island and the making of the song video is already doing rounds on social networking sites. Selva says the opportunity to work with Ilayaraja came his way when he didn’t expect it.

“The film’s producer Pazha Karuppaiah has already produced seven films and Ilayaraja was the music director of the film. So, when we finalised the project, the only request the producer had was to have Ilayaraja as composer. And for someone like me, who was longing to work with the masetro, it was a double delight,” he says.

Naadi Thudikuthadi is a film shot in Fiji and revolves around the Indian Ambassador’s son, who falls in love with a Fiji girl.

Selva says he chose newcomers —Subin, Archana and Joshna — as he needed 45 days at a stretch to complete the film.