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Thagadu (2016) tamil full movie online

Direction : M.Thanga Durai

Producer : Kuppusamy Rajdendran

Writer : M.Thanga Durai

Cast / Starring :



Sanam Shetty

Music Director : M.Charles Melvin

Cinematography : S.Karthikeyan

Editor : Suresh URS

Expected Release date : 25 November 2016

Country : India

Language : Tamil

Genre : Action

About Thagadu movie : Sanam Shetty is excited about her film Thagadu, in which she plays a queen. The film, which stars Prabha, Ajay and Sanam, is directed by newcomer Thangadurai. Elaborating on her role, she says, "The film revolves around a treasure hunt. The story goes back and forth, and even dates back to 100 years ago. I come in the medieval period, in which I play a queen. It is a short role but quite an interesting character. Since I have never done something like this earlier, I had fun shooting the periodic portions."

The film also has a bunch of newbies, who play college students. In fact, the film takes shape through a history student, who explores a historical place that is not much written about. "This portion was shot on a tight schedule. I had to wear heavy costumes, jewellery and the makeup, too, was different. It was quite an experience for me," says Sanam. The actress also has a Kannada film opposite Avinash and a Telugu film Premikudu, which is said to be an out-and-out romantic flick.