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Chaplin Samanthi (2016) tamil full movie online

Direction : R Prakash

Producer : R Manikandan

Writer : Ganesh Vinayak

Cast / Starring :



Music Director : Kannan

Expected Release date : 20 November 2016

Country : India

Language : Tamil

Genre : Romance

My First Break : Dhyana

How it happened

I learnt Bharatanatyam at a tender age. When I finished my masters in Bio-technology, I got a chance to act in a film by popular director Logidas. Unfortunately, it did not materialise. So when Meera Kathiravan, his associate, asked me to act in his film, I didn't evince much interest. Moreover, it was not the role of the heroine. But the director succeeded in convincing me and the film was Aval Peyar Thamizharasi.

How it felt

It was exciting to see myself on the screen. I watched the film in a theatre in Tenkasi where I had been on a holiday. To my surprise, people recognised me and some even came forward to talk to me. They wished that I should appear on screen more often.

How life changed

After my debut, people recognise me wherever I go. Except that nothing much has changed. Acting is a passion for me. I would like to do more powerful roles and make a mark in the industry. I did not do any other film for nearly a year as I was waiting for a good break