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Maanagaram (2016) tamil full movie online

Direction : Lokesh Kanagaraj

Producer :

S R Prakashbabu

S R Prabhu

Prabhu Venkatachalam

Gopinath P

Thanga Prabaharan R

Writer : Lokesh Kanagaraj

Cast / Starring :

Sundeep Kishan


Regina Cassandra


Ramdoss (Muniskanth)

Music Director : Javed Riaz

Cinematography : Selvakumar SK

Editor : Philomin

Production company : Potential Studios

Expected Release date : 11 November 2016

Country : India

Language : Tamil

Genre : Thriller - Action

About Maanagaram movie : Maanagaram is a Indian Tamil-language thriller film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and produced by S R Prabhu under his Potential Studios whose earlier movie was Maya (2015). The film features Sundeep Kishan, Sri and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles, while Charle and Ramdoss (Munishkanth) play a supporting role. Featuring music composed by Javed Riaz.

The movie is an example of hyperlink cinema, in that it follows four separate stories which converge at one point to make the remaining story. This City based thriller that will travel on the Hyperlink plot connecting the four youngsters from the different walks of lives. The most young stars of South Indian industry – Sundeep Kishan, Shri and Regina Cassandra are playing the lead roles alongside Ramdoss (a) Munishkanth and Charle. Maanagaram has focalized upon Chennai city as one of the major characters in this film, where the backdrops has become a prominent ingredient of this tale.

Hyperlink cinema is a rarity in Tamil cinema with the exception of few like Mani Ratnam’s Aayutha Ezhuthu and Krish’s Vaanam. In these type of scripts, the characters or action reside in separate stories, but a connection or influence between these dissimilar stories is slowly revealed to the audience. Juggling with time and the characters’ establishments, interwoven story lines between multiple characters, narrating the story back and forth are some of the typical elements in this genre.