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Munnodi (2016) tamil full movie online

Direction : SPTA Kumar

Writer : SPTA Kumar

Cast / Starring :


Yamini Bhaskar


Music Director : Prabhu Shankar

Cinematography : Vinoth Rathinasamy

Production company : Swastik Cine Vision

Expected Release date : November 2016

Country : India

Language : Tamil

Genre : Action - Drama

About Munnodi movie : Harish and Yamini Bhaskar starer Munnodi first look was released  on 17 August 2016 pm by the popular PRO. It has been written and directed by SPTA Kumar.

Cinematography has handled by Vinoth Rathinasamy, Music has scored by Prabhu Shankar while it has been bankrolled by Swastik Cine Vision.

It is an action entertainer where Harish the close cousin of Telugu star Prabhas has played a lead. Yamini who made her debut in Telugu from the film Katiyadu has made her Tamil debut by this movie. The first look of the movie was stunning.

The film which has been directed by SPTA Kumar is dealing with a fresh subject which is a real treat for the audiences.

The movie has showcased the story of an young man who falls in the clutches of mafia due to his circumstances. Slowly, he emerges as a demanded thug in the city. But at one point of time, he realizes the evil which surrounds him, and later regrets all his actions. He seeks the goodness of his life, and wishes to become a real human being. Will he succeed in this attempt, and this forms the major crux of this movie.

Sijoy has played Commissioner Soundara Pandian IPS in it. His character has both heroism and villainy in his personality. He has a handlebar moustache in the film. It was renowned Kollywood producer Chakravarthy who picked up Sijoy for this role. Sijoy had played a cop in director Joshiy's Avatharam and apparently the makers of the Tamil film spotted him.

Chennai, Madhurai, Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi were the main locations of Munnodi.